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Brindle Beater Rodeo Equipment
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Brindle Beater Signature Series Vests
Brindle Beater Signature Vests
Brindle Beater Signature Vests offer the same protection as lambert vests, and are made with the same ride right quality. Vests are available in sizes from adult extra small to adult extra large. They come in black leather standard. Custom colors and sizes xs and xl are available for additional fees.

Adjustable velcro shoulders
Adjustable velcro and dual nylon strap sides
Large zipper and velcro flap front
Two front pockets
Back number tabs
Lightweight and durable
Same great cut as lamberts which allows the
movement you need
Brindle Beater logo on left shoulder
Country Flags are available for right shoulder
Call for custom colors - (717) 468 - 7124
Leather Vest Sizes
XS and XL vests cost an additional $15
Extra tall vest cost an additional $25
Custom colors are available for an additional $25.00
Country flags are an additional $10
Almost all countries are available: i.e. USA, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, etc...
Custom orders take 2 to 3 weeks to build
Custom leather colors:
Buck Skin
Saddle Tan
Navy Blue
 Vest Sizing
    Waist    Chest
  Over the
X Small 27" to 31"  30" to 34"  33" to 37" 
Small 30" to 34"  36" to 40"  36" to 40" 
Medium 33" to 37"  39" to 43"  39" to 43" 
Large 36" to 40"  42" to 46"  42" to 46" 
X Large 39" to 43"  45" to 49"  45" to 49" 
* Over the shoulder is measured like that of wearing a pair of suspenders.
Call for custom colors and flag orders please.(717) 468 - 7124
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Mouth Guards
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Hat Hangers
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Tack Stick
Poly - Black $195.00
Poly Vest Sizes
Brindle Beater Signature Series
Poly Vests
Brindle Beater Signature Poly Vests offer the same protection as leather vests, and are made with the same ride right quality.
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Leather - Black $285.00- S-L
$300.00- XS, XL
*All Custom Orders are Non-Refundable*